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Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 16

A picture of someone who inspires you.

My mom! This is an especially appropriate post considering the upcoming holiday: Mothers Day!
I don't know how she does it. Seven kids, her own business, a big huge house, a whole branch of young adults, a book club, preschool classes, and so much more... and still looks fantastic in her skinny jeans! ;)

She inspires me mostly by her example, but also through good advice and challenges. She's fun to talk to and knows a whole lot about everything. We may not agree on everything, and I know neither of us is perfect, but we learn from one another. I guess I realized how much she means to me when I left home two years ago and she wasn't always there when I needed her recipes or advice. I had no idea how much work it takes to run a household until I was on my own! Like I said, she's amazing, and I want to be a mom like her someday :D


  1. Your mom is amazing! I miss seeing her!

  2. agreed!!! Your momis awesome Ivy and she does still look great in skinny jeans. Hows does she do that?

  3. She has always been amazing!!
    Her mom and dad