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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 18

A picture of something you'd never leave home without

Okay, so I kinda cheated on this one. My "one thing I wouldn't leave home without" happens to be so valuable because of all the little things it contains. See the small white rectangle in the corner? That's a little bag I call my "micro-mini," and everything else in the picture goes inside it. I can't leave home without it because it helps me be prepared for whatever might come up- be it splinters, a burst seam or an unexpected sleepover due to a snowstorm. Even packed to the bursting it's a great size to toss into a purse, ammo can or backpack. At the last count, here is what it contains:

loop of string
fruit leather
big bandaid
nail file
travel toothbrush
fun-size toothpaste
ballpoint pen
cough drop
mini first-aid kit (random small pills & ointments & band-aids)
travel sewing kit
safety pins
rubber band
dental floss
fingernail clippers
toiletry products
spare car key
spare camera batteries
pocket knife
bobby pins
hair ties
pocket mirror

And the funny thing is that I've used them all before: tried & tested essentials to being prepared for anything. :)

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