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Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 17

A picture of something that's recently had a big impact on your life

My car! I'd never had a car of my own until this February. I have since discovered that a car means freedom and independence like I've never had before, but also comes along with new things to learn like how to check oil, how expensive gasoline is, how pointless a left turn during Jeep Safari is, etc. It's quite the adventure- and quite the ticket to plenty more! I plan on getting good use out of my National Park Pass in the next year :)

I guess I haven't really taken many pictures of my car yet... but I thought this one was cool. How many lucky numbers can you get in a row? 13-42-42! Affectionately nicknamed "Cori" by Holly, this little Toyota corolla and I have seen thousands of miles go by together already. She's kind of gutless when racing semitrucks to the top of a hill, but gets good gas mileage and handles well. And she's purty!

Funny story: Stephen, one of my coworkers, sold his car in February. His small white gold-bottomed Toyota corolla. It turned out to be the same car! Talking to Stephen, I soon solved the mysteries of the blank left bumper, crack in the windshield, and replaced engine. He's known around here as "Megamiles Steve" because he occasionally takes off to Las Vegas, Tuscon, or Montana for the weekend. Apparently Cori was quite the world traveler in her youth!

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